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For our c / o m m u n i t y  and same minded ideas or companies we open our space for temporary joint events, happenings of workshops, this is must not be related to dinner events.



Below you find all details. 

Just send us a request.

Should you be opting for a civil wedding at Mandlstraße in Munich and seeking a sophisticated venue for the post-ceremony champagne reception, our SALON c/o stands just a brief stroll away. We take pleasure in orchestrating every detail for the bride, groom, and their esteemed guests within our enchanting space.

|  30qm 


|  small kitchen


|  continuous window front can be covered 


|  front garden


|  12 people seated or 20-30 standing


|  in the heart of Munich Schwabing 





werneckstraße 5 | 80802 munich

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